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Giving Britain an Upper Hand

I have taken some time out from canvassing to write this post. It is a time for a case to vote Conservative. What ever could I say about this party of opportunity, bettering yourself and freedom that would make you vote

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Reflections on new Adventures

Today I went to the jobcentre to sign on again and I had just found out something. They tell me that I haven’t logged any job hunting progress in the last seven days online. This got them wondering what I

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Bronze Booker Anniversary

It’s going to be a day of reminiscence for me this week. On Wednesday 15th I have something to celebrate for myself. In 2007 I self published my first novel ‘A Baffling Unoriginal’ and made a name for myself as

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Am I really made for academic life?

At this point I am starting to think that maybe I am not right for university life or a higher education. This decision is something that I am having to consider seriously as my exam results tell me and the

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A Baffling Unoriginal tries again

At the moment I am trying to put together a popular science book to try and find a way to make a living for myself. I am enjoying it and it is a very slow process because it is taking

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Westminster – Too Big for its Houses

This post might be coming late. I was planning to write one shortly after the outcome of the independence referendum in Scotland but I felt like I needed to give myself some time to wind down now that mood has

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