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Young Ones need to Strike for Independent Thought

It’s a been a very eventful time for Britain, in the space of these two weeks. First a general election was won by the Conservatives in a minority government and the Grenfell Tower caught fire giving an opportunity for the

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Canvassing: Creativity through Communication

The best thing that I enjoy about working for a political party is an opportunity to communicate with constituents and invest my time in connecting with the establishment to better myself. Recently I have finished handing out the leaflets for

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Referendum: Honour, Compassion and Opportunity

On Saturday I went out to Romford town centre to do some volunteering for the Leave group. At the end of the day I went home and wrote this on my Facebook page: Today I did a great service for

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Illiberal University of Thought

Yesterday I picked up the Sun newspaper from Tesco, a paper that was not available for some reason on the campus shop at Essex because of reasons I could not make out. Was there something about that paper that disagreed

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Liberalism Vs Conservatism: Misplaced priorities and defending freedom

Over the last two months the world has become a scary place and more fighting has become inevitable. First Paris came under attack on 13 November 2015, then a series of terrorist scares across Europe and America have come, then

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Justice and Culture for St George

I had a great day on St George’s day celebrating the patron saint of England with a bit of culture throughout the day. I went down to work at the Havering Museum working on my own project to celebrate the

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UKIP and Nationalism Vs Liberalism

The other remaining parties are exceptionally significant despite being relatively new and have only been around a lot less longer than the three major parties. These ‘Other Parties’ as some people like to call them have got seats in the

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