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Giving Britain an Upper Hand

I have taken some time out from canvassing to write this post. It is a time for a case to vote Conservative. What ever could I say about this party of opportunity, bettering yourself and freedom that would make you vote

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Snapping to an Election Showdown

I was pretty shocked when Theresa May made announcement for a snap election. That was something that no one should expect at a time when we are going though the divorce proceedings from the European Union. Is it really time

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Brexit Day: Britannia Open for Business

This day has come that Great Britain has advanced beyond the European Federal Superstate. At last after all the months since that glorious day on 23rd June 2016 when I went out to vote and canvass for leaving the European Union the

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Immigration Preferred To Slavery

I had a meeting with a researcher who was doing a project on Brexit for the Albany Theatre and at one point I was asked about my own views on immigration during the time I was canvassing with Leave.EU. I

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Pumping up the Brexit generation

Winston Churchill said that Britain should not choose Europe but the open seas and that is where our destiny lies. The Who frontman Roger Daltry has come out in support of the UK leaving the EU and thank god for

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EU Tyrant:Constraints on Science and Technological Development

The next item on my list of reasons for leaving the EU is the development of the country’s growth. I’m not talking about the trade with other nations, I’m talking about science, technology, energy, transport and infrastructure. One of the

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Everybody out of the EU Reich: Origins and Migrants

Today I started this entry with a terrible tragedy happening in the European Union capital of Brussels in Belgium. It started with an attack in a public transport area consisting of a train network and an airport close to the

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