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Autistic Conservative

As you know I am known as the Grand Geek of Essex, the blog of which is my identity. The whole image of my blog has been about showing the best talents of Essex to share the story of everywhere

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EU Tyrant:Constraints on Science and Technological Development

The next item on my list of reasons for leaving the EU is the development of the country’s growth. I’m not talking about the trade with other nations, I’m talking about science, technology, energy, transport and infrastructure. One of the

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Reflections: First Term on Campus

At last it has come and gone, the first term at Essex University is over. I am pleased to see that I finally have the freedom to go about my business. The first term was quite an adventure and it

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New Beginings

It’s been quite a while since my last post on life at Essex, in fact it’s been almost a month since you’ve heard from Essex Geek so I’d better come up with something as I write. There is only three

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Justice and Culture for St George

I had a great day on St George’s day celebrating the patron saint of England with a bit of culture throughout the day. I went down to work at the Havering Museum working on my own project to celebrate the

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Damn the Clouds of Thick Pea Soup. No Eclipse!

I have just about had it with British weather whenever I need the sky the most. Yesterday I was up early and excited ready for the biggest solar eclipse since August 1999. I was full of excitement and patience and

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Westminster – Too Big for its Houses

This post might be coming late. I was planning to write one shortly after the outcome of the independence referendum in Scotland but I felt like I needed to give myself some time to wind down now that mood has

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