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Giving Britain an Upper Hand

I have taken some time out from canvassing to write this post. It is a time for a case to vote Conservative. What ever could I say about this party of opportunity, bettering yourself and freedom that would make you vote

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Brexit Day: Britannia Open for Business

This day has come that Great Britain has advanced beyond the European Federal Superstate. At last after all the months since that glorious day on 23rd June 2016 when I went out to vote and canvass for leaving the European Union the

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Leave Britannia and Advance

At last the dream has come alive for me, Great Britain has left the European Union and left behind this crumbling oasis of despair. The people have spoken and started a revolution and we are now free to be the

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Pumping up the Brexit generation

Winston Churchill said that Britain should not choose Europe but the open seas and that is where our destiny lies. The Who frontman Roger Daltry has come out in support of the UK leaving the EU and thank god for

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The Commonwealth Archers are on the March

I have just had a breakthrough of great precedence in my quest to be a championship archer. Bow International magazine has published and broke the news of my petition on to make archery a core sport in the Commonwealth

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Westminster – Too Big for its Houses

This post might be coming late. I was planning to write one shortly after the outcome of the independence referendum in Scotland but I felt like I needed to give myself some time to wind down now that mood has

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A Fight for the Unity and Wellbeing of Our Celtic Neighbours

Next week the future of Scotland will be decided in a ballot to see if it should break away from the United Kingdom. I have been doing my bit to convince Scotland to stay in the Union and vote No

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