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Autistic Conservative

As you know I am known as the Grand Geek of Essex, the blog of which is my identity. The whole image of my blog has been about showing the best talents of Essex to share the story of everywhere

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Reflections on new Adventures

Today I went to the jobcentre to sign on again and I had just found out something. They tell me that I haven’t logged any job hunting progress in the last seven days online. This got them wondering what I

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Bronze Booker Anniversary

It’s going to be a day of reminiscence for me this week. On Wednesday 15th I have something to celebrate for myself. In 2007 I self published my first novel ‘A Baffling Unoriginal’ and made a name for myself as

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Rewriting to suit the agenda

It’s been a while since the start of the year and I have now decided to take some time out to write a post. This one is about something that I undertook with my creative writing that has made me

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My Activist life of 2016

To end this year I am taking a look back at the highlights of my activities. The best thing for me was being a political and social activist fighting for changing status of archery, the values of democracy, supporting people

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Finding a Way to Express Yourself

I had an exchange of words with a friend about how we talk of our disabilities. I find that my aspergers does constrain my ability to communicate but at least I don’t repeat my words too often. I have a

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Referendum: Honour, Compassion and Opportunity

On Saturday I went out to Romford town centre to do some volunteering for the Leave group. At the end of the day I went home and wrote this on my Facebook page: Today I did a great service for

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