Canvassing: Creativity through Communication

The best thing that I enjoy about working for a political party is an opportunity to communicate with constituents and invest my time in connecting with the establishment to better myself. Recently I have finished handing out the leaflets for

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Snapping to an Election Showdown

I was pretty shocked when Theresa May made announcement for a snap election. That was something that no one should expect at a time when we are going though the divorce proceedings from the European Union. Is it really time

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Happiness is not hope and freedom, it’s something you make for yourself

Today I finished watching a dramatization of a classic novel written by Aldous Huxley called Brave New World. It is a story that is in contrast to Orwell’s 1984 which is a story about totalitarianism. Both of these novels describe

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Calibration for Vector 3

Today I got back to my Vector 3 3D printer and I started to experiment with getting it ready for printing objects. The reason for the lengthy delay in getting it ready for printing is because of calibration issues. This

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Arrow Making for Stylists

I just completed my new arrows to replace my old aluminium ones. After three years they were knackered beyond usefulness. These new arrows were an opportunity for me to put some of my creative skills into designing my archery equipment

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Brexit Day: Britannia Open for Business

This day has come thatĀ Great BritainĀ has advanced beyond the European Federal Superstate. At last after all the months since that glorious day on 23rd June 2016 when I went out to vote and canvass for leaving the European Union the

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Baker Reborn

Now I have completed a number of things from my list of things to do I think it is now the time to be creative. Last week I completed a report on archery for the commonwealth games being a core

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