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Everybody out of the EU Reich: Origins and Migrants

Today I started this entry with a terrible tragedy happening in the European Union capital of Brussels in Belgium. It started with an attack in a public transport area consisting of a train network and an airport close to the

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Liberalism Vs Conservatism: Misplaced priorities and defending freedom

Over the last two months the world has become a scary place and more fighting has become inevitable. First Paris came under attack on 13 November 2015, then a series of terrorist scares across Europe and America have come, then

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Political Science for Brainless Sheep

On 12 December 2014 comedian Russell Brand appeared on Question Time actively criticising the political elite with a barrage of witty quirks that reminded me of the kind of banter I get at home from my family. Brainless sheep and

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Another Deal for Another Generation

There is a bitter resentment towards the proposed High Speed 2 rail network being proposed by the government. Some say that it is a waste of money, some say it is too far off from aiding the economic recovery and

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