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Atlas Shrugged Defends the Individual

I got a really good Christmas present last year. A gift that opened up my imagination to an ideal world written by a celebrated writer called Ayn Rand and the book was called Atlas Shrugged. Atlas Shrugged is about objectivism.

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Working with your Groundwork

A few days ago I had a meeting with a business advisor from Enterprise for London and I think I may have just realised something that makes my ideas achievable. Some people create ideas and they have to go into

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Turning Voluntry Work into Opportunities

Today I have just got myself a new job as an Avon representative being a home based business. It is a good oportunity for me to get some experience in running my own business and of course it is also

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Vector 3 has started 3 Directions

At last it’s finally happened after 16 months of collecting the magazine series 3D Create and Print. In December 2014 Eaglemoss publications began a new partworks magazine series. It first came to my attention on TV when day in November.

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A Fight for the Unity and Wellbeing of Our Celtic Neighbours

Next week the future of Scotland will be decided in a ballot to see if it should break away from the United Kingdom. I have been doing my bit to convince Scotland to stay in the Union and vote No

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