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Defeat Terrorism with Mental health treatment

In recent events another terrorist attack on London has taken place on London Bridge. The world is getting more scary by the minute and this just can’t go on. Segregation and neglecting the social harmony between communities has led to

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Finding a Way to Express Yourself

I had an exchange of words with a friend about how we talk of our disabilities. I find that my aspergers does constrain my ability to communicate but at least I don’t repeat my words too often. I have a

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Referendum: Honour, Compassion and Opportunity

On Saturday I went out to Romford town centre to do some volunteering for the Leave group. At the end of the day I went home and wrote this on my Facebook page: Today I did a great service for

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Auto-tistic Driving School

I just decided to stop wasting my time with those ridiculous driving lessons in manual. I have been learning to drive for the last 14 months now and it has become clear to me that I can’t master the skills

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