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Arrow Making for Stylists

I just completed my new arrows to replace my old aluminium ones. After three years they were knackered beyond usefulness. These new arrows were an opportunity for me to put some of my creative skills into designing my archery equipment

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Working with your Groundwork

A few days ago I had a meeting with a business advisor from Enterprise for London and I think I may have just realised something that makes my ideas achievable. Some people create ideas and they have to go into

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Essex Geek Reinvents Archery

Okay folks it’s time for a step back from writing about the EU referendum to write about my activities now that the summer term is over and the exams are just around the corner. I have come back home early

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Nottingham Shoots Supreme Archery

Today I had the best opportunity I could ever have as an archer when I came to Nottingham. I had just volunteered to work on the European Archery Championship right in the heart of the grand Old Market Square. It

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The Commonwealth Archers are on the March

I have just had a breakthrough of great precedence in my quest to be a championship archer. Bow International magazine has published and broke the news of my petition on to make archery a core sport in the Commonwealth

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