Essex Geek

Bio: My name is Charlie Keeble, otherwise known as the Grand Geek of Essex. That title speaks for what I am. I am a county genius who promotes the best intelligence there is in Essex politically, scientifically, innovatively and entrepreneurial. My ambition in life is to go out and show the world the best of my abilities. I'm a political activist known as the Autistic Conservative, and I believe that all forms of life were created unequal and that we should accept all classes of citizens. This blog is about my other interests besides my political activities like archery, travel, science and reading. My geekiness is what makes me unique and it shows in my wonderful tales of eccentricity. Promoting archery as the Commonwealth Representative for Minority Sports is one of my specialities. I rely on perseverance to better myself and look for opportunities that can revolutionise the world. I also write for the United Politics.

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