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Fixing the eWaste

I watched the update to Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall’s War on Waste. It was the programme that started to make interested in conservation issues regarding the amount of stuff we throw away yet it’s fit for use. This time round the programme

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A New Hope for Sport and Invention

Four years ago the Olympics came to my home town of London for the 2012 Games. It was a great time of optimism for Great Britain that time. We had the Queen celebrating her Diamond Jubilee and we thrived like

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Exams over, now for imagination to run wild

Right now I have completed my exams I think it’s time I wrote a post. The summer holidays are here now and that means a long and enjoyable break for many students across the country. For me however it means

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Coping with Fallout Procrastination

This referendum has suddenly become an obession for me as I have three exams to come in the next two weeks. The plan was for me to get back to revision straight after the work on supporting Leave in the

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