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Nottingham Shoots Supreme Archery

Today I had the best opportunity I could ever have as an archer when I came to Nottingham. I had just volunteered to work on the European Archery Championship right in the heart of the grand Old Market Square. It

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Illiberal University of Thought

Yesterday I picked up the Sun newspaper from Tesco, a paper that was not available for some reason on the campus shop at Essex because of reasons I could not make out. Was there something about that paper that disagreed

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Brussels bashes bright sparks

Okay I think I may have more to say in support of Leave EU here for something on my part. I have already written about the birth of the EU, migration, single currency, science and technology and farming. However as

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Getting out stress for exams

Exam season is now in full swing at the university and every one is sitting their papers in the sports hall having got through another year of reading books and writing papers. I have only got another two months for

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Coming to Stress an Outcome

It’s ┬áMay and that means one thing for the majority of students is exam time. I should be looking to revise right now but I am not on that path yet. The timetable for me is still on my second

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Green Technology and Wasted Profits

This story has just come to my attention while developing my next post for the Brexit campaign. I have come to realise another reason for leaving the EU with a story that deserves it’s own post. When I was 18

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