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EU Tyrant: Farming Wastage and Fishing Restrictions

One of the biggest pains that Britain suffers in it’s ties to Brussels is the common policies on agriculture and fishing that is making us go hungrier than ever as farmers and fishers are constrained. People in the British agricultural

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EU Tyrant:Constraints on Science and Technological Development

The next item on my list of reasons for leaving the EU is the development of the country’s growth. I’m not talking about the trade with other nations, I’m talking about science, technology, energy, transport and infrastructure. One of the

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Electrifying in 3 Dimensions

This post should come as a surprise to you as I paused constructing the Vector 3 with the intention of waiting until I have all the other components. But as luck would have it I have now recieved the covers

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Everybody Out of the EU Reich: Eurozone Misery

In 2007 we experienced one of the worst financial disasters in living memory. One of the contributions from the EU to that crash was the single currency market that created a double dip recession as a result of a tidal

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