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Everybody out of the EU Reich: Origins and Migrants

Today I started this entry with a terrible tragedy happening in the European Union capital of Brussels in Belgium. It started with an attack in a public transport area consisting of a train network and an airport close to the

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Auto-tistic Driving School

I just decided to stop wasting my time with those ridiculous driving lessons in manual. I have been learning to drive for the last 14 months now and it has become clear to me that I can’t master the skills

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Reflections: First Term on Campus

At last it has come and gone, the first term at Essex University is over. I am pleased to see that I finally have the freedom to go about my business. The first term was quite an adventure and it

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Vector 3 has started 3 Directions

At last it’s finally happened after 16 months of collecting the magazine series 3D Create and Print. In December 2014 Eaglemoss publications began a new partworks magazine series. It first came to my attention on TV when day in November.

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Larder, Lovely Larder

Today I took some time out from studying excessively to consider my stock of food and drink. A busy student needs to eat and have money on the side for keeping himself well fed and nurtured for a busy day

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