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Fortnight of Fun: Fantastic Future beckons

Alright here we about three weeks have past now and I have been having a lot of fun and hard work. On Saturday I returned home to visit my family and get some more belongings. I was supposed to have

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Mid-Week School Report

It’s only been three days at Essex now and I have already started to feel like I have moved here as a resident of Colchester. I think this is a great time to see just how much fun you can

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Essex Geek arrived in Essex

Today is a very important chapter in my life and I am determined to make it the right choice for me. I have already gotten over my failed attempt at UEA and now I need to get realistic in my

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The Agony of Choice

I am probably one of the fussiest shoppers in the world. I have just had to take back an iPad mini after I discovered that I had been given the wrong one with the wrong amount of memory. I then

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