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University Living Essentials

Today I went out and bought my first new piece of tech for my studies and my inventory. I have got a new iPad mini 3 to allow me to get access to the million apps that are available to

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Liberalism Vs Conservatism: Misplaced priorities and defending freedom

Over the last two months the world has become a scary place and more fighting has become inevitable. First Paris came under attack on 13 November 2015, then a series of terrorist scares across Europe and America have come, then

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A Baffling Unoriginal tries again

At the moment I am trying to put together a popular science book to try and find a way to make a living for myself. I am enjoying it and it is a very slow process because it is taking

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Happy Holidays, I’m going to Colchester Campus

I just got a place at University of Essex in Colchester today and I was one bug happy bunny. It comes as a big relief because I don’t have to wait until the next year for a place on a foundation

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Christmas List of a Lonely Genius

Today I have just started working on my Christmas list for my family containing a list of things that I would like to see come out from under the tree on Christmas Day. It isn’t a very extensive list and

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