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Lunar Blood Gore

This was the greatest night for astronomy that made me feel empowered with delight. I got a few surprises from the night sky where I wasn’t expecting them to appear. This made the last lunar eclipse look tame. That was

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Weekend Retreat

I have just had a very warm and exhausting journey today. After fresher’s week I still had half my wardrobe at my parent’s house. I needed some more clothes and a few things I forgot so I decided to turn

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Cosmos Space Science Rockin’

On Friday before I went to university I had some free time and an opportunity to see something worthy of a bucket list. I went down to the Science Museum in London to see the opening of the Cosmonauts Exhibition

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Start of University Life

Well here we are now all settled in and unpacked and ready to go for university life. For the next 14 days I will see how my new life will be mapped out. I got here with my mum and

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Modules are Madning

These last two days have been a very difficult time for me even though it should be the start of a grand adventure. I am now having to rethink my module choices for my first year because they can clash

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Choosing the right path

I have just started to get my priorities in order for the next chapter in my life. I have just chosen my modules for the first year and to get all my valuables needed in the right order. I’m only

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